New Picture Book Highlights Parent-Child Connection

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By Alison Wenger October 31, 2018

“I love to you the moon and back!” is one of my daughter’s favorite things to say to her Nan. While she doesn’t know what that really means, it’s her way of expressing that she loves her Nan A LOT!

In I Love You More Than, the story features a father who is away from his son, but tells the story of all the ways that he thinks about his child even when they are apart. The illustrations and easy words appear in ways that even little ones can understand.

This heartwarming picture book is written by author and actor Taye Diggs and illustrated by the award-winning Shane W. Evans.

Whether it’s a parent who travels for work, a military member who is deployed, parental separation, or whatever the circumstances that separate families, the universal language of love proves the strength of the bond between parents and children. Add it to your family’s book collection today!